Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Suspension of Disbelief September 26

This last week was amazing. So many miracles. We prayed and went to work. Invited and rejection but at least they are thinking about it.

Tuesday- Exchanges with Sister Maxfield. She is just beginning her journey and was trying to gleam all she could from me. We made a great team. She's just full of energy. We taught Kierra and she was a blast. The Spirit kept telling me to wait 45 minutes and I decided it was time to go. Loaded the truck and leaving the park and down comes Kierra. Perfect timing. She was totally opening up and the Spirit was so strong. She would relate to Lehi. It was amazing as we just read with her. Drove back to meet with Mary. She didn't bail out on us a couple weeks ago. That was a relief. Showed the movie Joseph Prophet of the Restoration. It really bothered her that she was connected to Joseph. It seemed this week was exactly what we learned at Zone Conference to take their hands and place it on the iron rod. It was incredible.

Our Journey down to Spokane was uneventful. It just took a little more time than expected. I was thrilled to be driving in traffic again. =)

It was awesome to see so many missionaries that I know again. It was a blast to reconnect and get pictures afterward. Inspections of vehicles. They skipped ours. So we didn't end up leaving till 6pm. But it was amazing to be taught by another general authority. I really enjoyed and took notes of all the kind words we spoke of President and Sister Palmer. It was awesome to be back with Sister Hilton. She had a lot to talk about being gone for 24 hours.

Invited gloria to church and to be baptized. She declined both invites but agreed to start reading the Book of Mormon. When her husband Bob was told that we asked her to get baptized- Ask are you? and Why not? Even though he doesn't meet with us he is the greatest encourager we have.=)

Friday was a day of testimony. After dropping in on John and Judy and sharing 2 Nephi 29:7-11 Judy says she knows that's true. One step everyday! She even has a referral for us.

Michael's lesson was even more eventful. This young man Sean, knocked on the church doors to play the piano. We agreed and asked him to join us. He did after playing the most beautiful music. Michael turned to him and bore his testimony that this is true and his life has changed because of it and he should listen. We were so proud not to mention Michael accepted another baptismal date of Nov. 20th! We found out Sean is homeless and invited him to learn more, come to conference, and read the Book of Mormon. Which he responded I am not a Mormon. Sister Hilton shared how its for everyone to read. It was fantastic.

Saturday- We did service at the museum. The community members actually talked to us who were there for National Museum Day. It was incredible and such a productive use of time.

Mormon.org training Sunday with Bishop Peper was out of this world. Our adaptions to make it more user friendly paid off. At the end Bishop Peper turned the time over to me. It was intense. I implemented what President Palmer does, so now what? It was incredible to see the participation and excitement to use this new missionary tool.

Excited for another week.

Love and miss you all.

Love Sister Peck

Monday, September 19, 2011

Joy in the Journey- September 19, 2011

Hi everyone. Thanks for the influx of mail this last week. It made me happy.
We had a really good experience at the Youth Center here. Andrew, one of the teens talked with us. That's huge. Each time we go we make a little more head way. And Dave, hopefully one day will be interested, we stop by his place to establish trust and interest, was impressed we were there. A lot of community members have commented lately on our involvement in the community and they like it.

Hannah,8, impressed her mom of the information of the gospel she remembers form the Elders. =) It was awesome to see her understanding increase.

Ione- We are having a lot of success there. We have found ourselves in the hearts of the members there. They were pleasantly surprised to have us join them for their lecture on their lecture "Joy in the Journey". What was fun was being ready to share the gospel with the Dish guy at Brother Kough's. It was funny but oh that left an impression for Brother Kough. Kierra has really caught hold of the gospel. Chrissy left us a note that she was m.i.a. but sent us to Kierra's. She accepted us in. While going through the introduction to the Book of Mormon- she said I need to really pray about this for myself. Yeah. We just smiled. She also told us we don't have to ask to pray with her just do it. On Sunday, second lesson of the week, even though she'd been in the hospital she still read 1Nephi1! We saw a witness of her faith and willingness to see for herself. She also invited herself to Church. She's on. =)

Got invited by Sister Webster to Achievement Days which is now activity days. It was fun to be with the girls and share about our mission experiences with them.

John and Judy want to know. Eric brought Amanda to the lesson. Wow. She is coming back and the Spirit was so strong. Everyone but John got emotional. Judy is still unsure of different doctrinal difference but she knows she feels something good and gratefully the Elders sat with John Sunday and she went to Church. =) We still haven't found a permanent solution to the whole Sunday issue but it will come.

Had this feeling to go to Jennifer L.'s her boyfriends friend JJ was there and we had a discussion on religion and if God is there. I responded to his disbelief with questions. It was amazing the Spirit that was there as we engaged in conversation and sharing personal experiences. Jennifer was taken back that he had nothing to respond with a couple of times. We have a return apt. with him this week.

Finally got to see Michael again. We racked leaves and had breakfast with them. Found an article in the New Era about a lady who needed to give up smoking to be baptized and to know. He knows he needs to give it up but can't make that commitment yet. Prayers.

Saturday Stake Service at Clayton Fair Grounds. It was amazing. At least 200 plus people there. We painted and I got a flash back of Cheney. Daniel was there and I got to catch up with him and encourage him to go to Church.

All in all great week. We are excited for another week and teaching. Just have a good feeling. this week we have the truck inspection in Spokane at Zone Conference so we have made it spic and span because we want to win.

Hope all is well with everyone and now you're loved. This missionary experience is crazy but so worth it. It's true. The people we meet is not by chance it's all part of His divine Plan. This Gosepl is true and repentance is real.

Love Sister Peck
Spent a lot of time this week helping members create mormon.org profiles. Love it

Sept 12- The Corn Feed

Hi Everyone.

This last week was crazy. No surprises. We had weather in the the high 90's and low 100's. It was intense. Judy's lesson on the Word of Wisdom went better than we could have anticipated. It was awesome. The Spirit was truly teaching her. She even through in her Pepsi. We have all been soda free for 5 days. =)

Worked on invited everyone to come to the corn feed. It was amazing over 175 people came and a lot of nonmemebers. =) Finally decided to greet people in the food line. It was a good strategy. 3 of the people we teach came. Rose came and jumped right in helping. Carol brought a cake and Gloria brought her husband Bob. That was truly a blessing. He even helped the men tare down at the end. Brother Harp came and helped husk corn. That was a blast. Everyone had a good, safe, night. We meet a ton of people. It was amazing.

The night before. Spokane for a training on Mormon.org. We are thrilled. The media campaign will be an amazing experience here. Meet Elder Heaton, director of the MTC. I asked a lot of questions and called him on a few things. He made me feel extremely humble when he responded. Oh well. It got the other missionaries to contribute too. That was a positive result. They are really anticipating the growth of the Church here and it makes you excited just to be a part of it in some way. We'll be working on helping members know how to create a profile and how they can use it to invite their friends to learn more. I loved that while watching the mormon.org portraits that the uplift one feels is the power of the atonement. How beautiful is that. No where does the word get mentioned but you can feel it. Check out the web page and watch a couple of the video's. Almost feel like a sales person to the ward but all is good. Got the mayor to "agree" to making one. We are getting more and more support as the date of the release starts.

Saturday we went to Porter Carmen's baptism and were invited to share our testimonies. That was powerful. Really enjoyed feeling a part of the Branch and they appreciated it too.

Sunday- Stake Conference broadcast- Elder Snow, Holland, Packer and Sister Dalton. It was fantastic. Before we were warned that we might be sharing our testimonies because last years lack of connection left them in need, this year the men were able to connect to the Internet when the satellite was down and prayers were answered. =)

Sister Lyttle saves the day. She invited us to lunch and dinner and sent us off with a fresh loaf of homemade bread for Ann. It was a great way to come back into the heart of Ann. She still has a long way to go but you know when you see her the Lord is so aware of her. Don't give up on her.

This work is amazing. Crazy and stressful at times you just have to let go and follow the Spirit. i know this work is moving forward and we can be a part of it. Love you all bunches.

If you haven't yet make a mormon.org profile yet it is super easy click http://mormon.org/create/ and use your LDS account to log in and follow the instructions.

Sister Peck

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Week- September 6

Hi Everyone.
We got a lot accomplished. Had a lot of cancellation but still found ways to teach. Fall is approaching already. It is crazy. Funny story. Went and saw Brother Hunsaker and invited him to the Corn Feed this coming Friday. We started talking and every objection he had about coming to church and other offenses I just knew what to say. He asked me how do you have all the answers and then turned to Sister Hilton and said She scares me. It was really cute. But I felt in the moment that the Spirit was working with him you could see it in his eyes. Each statement seem to touch his heart.
Carol prayed over us and let us read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. That is progress.
Rubie and family missed us we had a busy week. But were able to have family prayer. It seems that we have been doing dishes for meals. We love it.
Ann's lesson was a great opportunity for a lady who knows her from work to express all the thoughts she has wanted to share with Ann of how the gospel can bless her. It was sweet. I think a lot of us have those desires but don't share what we have.
Ione is growing. There is a lot happening there again. That is amazing. The Lord truly does answer our prayers. We had an amazing lesson on Christlike attributes from Preach My Gospel.
The Gospel is true and miracles take time but are so worth hoping for.
Have an amazing week.
Love Sister Peck

Not a red ribbon or a purple ribbon but a BLUE.-AUGUST 30

Hi Everyone!
Last week was exhausting. We changed all our appointments to earlier in the week and a lot of them canceled due to the cold bug that has already begun here. Judy is really frustrated that she hasn't received an answer yet. We told her that's how it works and to keeping praying and reading. This week we should have something worked out with the other ward so she can attend church. John prayed to know it this is true! That's huge for him.

The Fair was a success. It was extremely hot being in a barn for 12 hours a day for 3 days, but oh the experiences we had. One lady cried as we looked up her relatives and found them. It was truly amazing. People of the community actually talked to us and had a positive experience. Even had some express that they like having missionaries from our Church here. We had good member support and ate really well at the fair. Traded cards with vendors. Mormon.org cards were handed out in large supply! We were thrilled. Not to mention we got a blue ribbon for our booth. Pictures to come.

Our Ward got a new Bishopric Sunday. It was sad but sweet to have a trust in the priesthood. Rubie and the family came to Church. It was awesome. We actually had a Sunday School class in Gospel Principles and we taught too. It was one of those weeks were you knew you were support by strength not your own. The gospel is true and I know it so I share.
If you haven't already make a Mormon.org profile.
Love you all bunches.
Sister Peck

Catch Up Two weeks-August 23

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to hear that two of my nephews received their mission calls!!! And I'll be home to chat with them before they report. The Lord truly does know timing. Also Sister Hilton and I are staying! This is my last transfer and I'll finish here in Colville!
Ok the last two weeks have been crazy and so will this week. This week we are doing the fair. I was told we had the booth and thus giving me some control took over. We have great support from a few of our members and we have more participation now that we have a theme of genealogy and getting people to the family history center here. There is definitely a need and it is a finding activity. We are excited. Please pray that we find someone who can receive the gospel because of this effort. I know that your prayers help.
Judy is doing amazing. Two weeks ago we had a lesson on the Sabbath Day. She taught us through the Spirit and was determined to be at Church Sunday. She was. Unfortunately we were in Ione but we had some amazing experiences there with our new branch mission leader Bro. Divis and his sweet wife. At the Taylors we were able to teach a powerful plan of Salvation with their friend Monica, non member, who has been asking questions about the Church. Brother Taylor is truly striving to come back and wore his Church clothes all day Sunday to make a point that it is a special day. I was proud of him.
This past Sunday Ann and the girls came to Church. It ended with us being in the mothers lounge but she is talking about coming back. It is so sweet, her daughter, Gabriel always asks us to sing. It is super sweet and progress.
Last week was a temple week. It was amazing. First Tuesday we went to see Elder L. Tom Perry. We took a mission picture. What an experience to be with all the missionaries from our mission. Before it started the chaos of Rubie coming. It was diffidently a trail of opposition for her to come but she made it. Rich, her husband had a procedure in Spokane he came too. he had never been to the temple before so we took a temple walk. It was so powerful to teach there on the temple grounds. It was amazing. We have been trying to teach Rich but when a set of Elders asked if we were teaching him, he responded yea! We were thrilled and have pursued that. Yesterday we went during our P-day and played games with their family. It was amazing.
Shaking the hand of an apostle was amazing but being seated in the front row right in front proved the more impacting experience as I watched him greet all the other Elders and Sisters. It was a beautiful sight. I loved it and was observant of Sister Perry and Elder Clayton as well. I watched Elder Perry attentiveness to his wife as she addressed us. It was true sign of love. He taught us beautifully the Restoration. It was truly an event of my mission I will not forget hearing and witnessing that he is an ordained apostle of the Lord. To my shock when the program was announced I was to give the closing prayer. I was truly humbled and prayed throughout that I would be able to express the thoughts of all there and that the Spirit would lead my words. He did.
Friday was temple trip. It was so good to be there again and inside. The temple truly is an amazing place. The day before we had watched between Heaven and Earth with Gloria and Judy. Both extremely powerful lessons. Judy used the word feel. Which was huge. We are waiting on answers to prayers and being diligent. Michael wants to be baptized. He's just got to kick his habits. He is working on it. His faith has increased so much. It is so amazing to witness the change of heart. I have been truly blessed. I know that this is Jesus Christ Church. His gospel is the one thing that will make us happy and free. Invite and it will amaze what the outcome will be.
Love you all bunches.
Love Sister Peck

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Sister Peck is officially coming home on October 3rd at 2:18PM. She's flying Delta into Vegas.

We will all be meeting at baggage claim to greet her home. Bring posters!! :)

Later that night we will be having a small dessert open house at the Leavitt's home where you can come say hi. More details to come.